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The Write Start: 4-week scriptwriting and self-empowerment course - INCLUDES 11 BONUS HANDOUTS

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In this innovative 4-week evening intensive Maddy Anholt (BBC, ITV, Warner Bros) will lead you in creating that script you’ve been putting off, teaching you her tried and tested formula to getting any creative project fully sponsored, how to get a TV and Radio commission and teach you how to utilise the creative skills you already have to make it and make money as a freelancer.

THE WRITE START fuses business skills, scriptwriting techniques, free-writing and mindfulness to get your script commissioned, get your show fully sponsored and get branded content bringing in the thousands.

Previous courses have sold out and reviews include:
“I learnt so much and Maddy is incredibly supportive. I really felt like I have learnt skills that I can take with me throughout my career. I would really recommend...”
by Phoebe

“Excellent course, extremely helpful and great value for money. This industry is so guarded and tough to break into, but finishing this course and knowing that I can stay in touch with Maddy and the other participants, has been extremely motivating. Feeling confident that I will be sharing my success stories soon!”
by Argie

"This course is awesome. Can't recommend it enough, Maddy is such a brilliant and generous teacher."
by Evie

How to arc, structure and format a script to industry standardHow to get a TV or Radio commission
How to write content for brands and make money from it
How to secure 10k of sponsorship for your Edinburgh show or creative project
How to get that idea out of your head and onto a page
How to craft believable characters
How to approach agents and be seen
How to ensure you are always working
Business skills to negotiate offers and sponsorship
How to stop waiting for other people to give you work
How to banish Imposter Syndrome
How to build your profile
How to make yourself into a creative agency
Understand social media presence and how to build it
How to make money from online branded content
How to get rid of self-limiting beliefs

This unique course fuses Maddy’s 10 years of experience, BBC TV and Radio commissions as a writer and performer, 5 sell-out Edinburgh shows and a production company fully sponsored (over £70k received) and techniques in calming our inner chimp, mindfulness and self-empowerment.
Maddy has written, been commissioned and performed on BBC Radio 4, BBC Radio 2, by Warner Bros, Channel 4, BBC Three, BBC One, The Guardian, The Metro, The Telegraph and has amassed over 7 million views. Maddy is also one of the speakers for The Guardian, International Women's Day. 

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You'll get a 4-part, 4 hour masterclass on scriptwriting and making money from writing


The Write Start: 4-week scriptwriting and self-empowerment course - INCLUDES 11 BONUS HANDOUTS

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